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Dolphin House Reviews

An Experience in Freedom

Dolphin House is an experience in freedom… Gulf of Mexico winds and pounding surf, sunrises and a view all the way across Pine Island Sound, and a sheltered harbor that is 5 minutes from shelling and sunsets on the Gulf side. All is well here…we adore our symphonies of crickets celebrating the dusk and morning doves orchestrating the sunrise concert, the rush of heron wings through the mid day air. I have so quickly become acclimatized to these sounds that even the phone makes me jump. I think this peace-able kingdom teaches how much we have violated nature’s default rhythms when we live in the concrete (man made) jungle. Dolphin House is the cat bird seat to experience the best of Robinson Crusoe living with the amenities of the 21st century.

– Carolina

Pure, Relaxing, Joy

I stayed at Dolphin House at Safety Harbor Club on North Captiva Island, FL in March. When you fly into Ft. Myers you hear and see all the hustle and bustle of a major Florida city. The drive to Pineland Marina on Pine Island has grocery and fish store stops along the way so I could provision for my stay. The 15-minute trip on “Island Girl” to Safety Harbor was pure relaxing joy with dolphins cavorting along the way. Finding an undiscovered island without cars … this is unique. Even now in early summer, my ears still hurt at the sound of traffic … so there is a very profound effect that North Captiva nature and “silence” has for my wellbeing. Matchless quietness.

– C. Bowditch, New York

A Perfect Way to Relax

We had such a great time at Dolphin House: a perfect way to relax after Christmas! We especially loved having the bicycles to roam around on–no need for a golf cart, although they were tempting! Deb Skinner was great with all the details of things to do, etc., and very flexible. Also, she was there right on time to meet us when we arrived. The house was full of everything we might need, except our personal supplies, so we were very happy. I adored every moment. At this time of year in winter, for suntanning and Gulf swimming the water is cool.

– M.B.

Exceptionally Peaceful

Exceptionally peaceful here at Dolphin House: The sounds of water and birds, no sirens, no cars, no asphalt, no exhaust fumes. Just breathing the oxygenated air is like drinking from a fire hydrant … just the best way to sensate mental clarity, to get in tune with your own state … instead of being constantly distracted by outside notations, extraneous “noise”, intellectual logistics, and an information diet that would choke a horse.

Once you have experienced Dolphin House, its private beach with tame egrets, the slap of dolphins on the evening waters, the glancing silver light of the gloaming dusk, the busy osprey gathering nest material, the “dark skies” which give sightlines deep into the universe, the barefoot walks on the freshening beach before breakfast, you will know that you can now pull up your drawbridge and attend to the things that really matter.

– C.D.C.