Private Realms

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Private Realms

  • Lily-of-the-Valley

    Restored 1910 Cottage near Woodstock, New York

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  • Witten Gatehouse

    Tranquil, Cozy, Charming Barn near Woodstock, New York

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  • Cimavilla

    Striking, 14th Century Luxury Villa in the Swiss-Italian Lake District

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  • Witten Barn

    Plush, Peaceful Luxury Barn near Woodstock, New York

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  • Tuscany

    Family Farm Estate Rentals at Tuscany-on-the-Sea

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Nature. Wildlife. Seclusion. Mountains. Oceans. Architecture … More.

Private Realms is a unique assemblage of vacation home rental properties that exist in four different locations in the United States and Europe:

  • Witten Pond, a 15-acre family-owned estate in the Catskill Mountains of Hudson Valley-Woodstock, New York
  • A Town Home on an undiscovered, pristine Island off Southwest Florida in the Gulf of Mexico
  • A circa 1335 restored palazzo in the Swiss-Italian Lake District near Lakes Lugano, Maggiore, Como and others
  • The sublime beauty of Tuscany-on-the-Sea, a family-owned estate on the Tyrrhenian Sea in Southwest Tuscany.

Whether our vacation home rentals are nestled in mountains or on beaches, they fulfill the choice of vacationers from across the globe.

Each home, unique in its own venue and style, has been impeccably restored, maintained, and replete with world-class amenities. They offer magical, mystical settings as well as stunning panoramic views of their respective surroundings. Their interiors are draped in charm, elegance, and quietude, while their exteriors reflect the soothing features of nature, crystal clear rivulets, bright, starry nights, abundant wildlife, and superb architecture. Guests enjoy perfect seclusion and tranquility within nature’s abundance.

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